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Monday, December 3, 2012

Shanghai New Urban Identity | Flip City | Shanghai | Pinkcloud

What happens if you rethink a city by flipping it from the horizontal to the vertical?

FLIP/CITY proposes a new urban identity for Shanghai as a model for the development of future cities.
By questioning traditional typologies, FLIP/CITY redefines methods of organizing communities by preserving the human scale.

The proposal flips the horizontal cityscape to the vertical.
Footprints of Shanghai’s existing typologies, only visible by plane, embody the new face of the vertical city. By expressing distinct functions for its citizens, FLIP/CITY relates strongly to the human scale while simultaneously increasing density and green space at the urban scale.

By expanding Shanghai up along the vertical plane unused urban voids will be activated. Proximity and numerous informal meeting spaces catalyze synergy and a vivid community life.

FLIP/CITY is a new urban typology that answers the needs of modern Shanghai, its economy, social structures and ecological plans for the future while embracing Shanghai’s rich history and its citizens......more

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Architecture Design Competition | Korean National Pension Service (KNPS) Headquarters | Jinju | Korea | H-Architecture

For the design competition of relocating Korean National Pension Service (KNPS) Headquarters standing for the national welfare, H rendered the strategy to embody the symbolic building of ‘Giving Tree’ from which people benefit the varied systems of sustainable technologies embedded in innovative design.

Creating design feature of envelope, incarnation of tree shape, H achieved sustainably functioning building inside and outside closely such as horizontal louvers on south facade to block direct sunlight, vertical fins on north facade to bring in natural diffuse sunlight, and vertical atrium to ventilate air inside the building.

Integrating design feature with sustainable strategy, H achieves the iconic building expressing the metaphor of tree on a hill casting shadow where people can rest as a shelter in response to the motto, providing national welfare to people who rely on for their old age, Korean National Pension System raise up........more
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